What's up


you landed on one dandelion,

one site in a sea of millions,

here you are seeing my art

I write, design, & brand websites. Barista-style.

Collecting beads of eyecandy condensation is this Facundo Element cappunico. A double-shot espresso for Infini, Inc.

I write a lot. Some of them are published online.

I specialize in merging experiences. I grind, press, steam islands of disparate knowledges — Writing, Development, & Design —  into a frothy spectacular something.

To me, code , words & markers are all tools of art. Art creates space for dialogue and expression. That's why I create webposters.

Just get in touch with me already. ®

We'll see what I can whip up for you.

I'm also looking for full-time remote opportunities.

I'm okay with alternating between the workplace & home. I'm currently located in the Big Easy area.

Where is your portfolio? This website is.

But if you really need an attachment, here you go.